Restoration Painters

Stephen Malone Painting & Decorating has worked inside some of the most historic buildings in Ireland including the G.P.O. We have a genuine passion for restoring old buildings. With a respectful eye always on the past, we revitalise beautiful Victorian and Georgian buildings; restoring them to their formal glory. Stephen Malone Painting & Decorating’s professional restoration service is able to match interior and exterior colours of listed and classic buildings exactly. This attention to detail ensures that the buildings are presented as they were meant to be seen. While never comprising the classic integrity of the building’s original façade, Stephen Malone Painting & Decorating’s restoration painters can apply paint with all the modern advantages, thus protecting the buildings for future generations to enjoy.

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Georgian House Painters

Dealing with historic buildings is very different to dealing with modern properties. Classic buildings, such as Georgian buildings, require the expert craftsmanship of period property painters. Stephen Malone Painting & Decorating can offer their expertise in the restoration of the numerous historically significant Georgian buildings that cover Dublin’s cityscape.

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Victorian House Painters

Much like Georgian buildings, examples of magnificent Victorian architecture can be seen all around Dublin and Ireland. These stunning buildings require delicate restoration work carried out by experts. Stephen Malone Painting & Decorating’s Victorian house restoration service, can match the original colour of these historic buildings, restoring them to their former glory.

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